Why is My Central Air Not Working?

The temperatures are beginning to soar and the humidity level is rising — time to adjust the thermostat. But what happens if you set the thermostat and nothing happens… Oh no! When you come to the crossroads of a hot summer’s day and a broken central air system, here’s what you should do:

central air not working

  1. Check the Electrical Panel – Before you start panicking, head to the electrical panel to check if any of the circuit breakers were tripped or if any fuses were blown. Simply reset the breaker or replace the fuse. However, if this dedicated circuit keeps tripping, you might need to have your electrical system inspected.
  2. Flip the Switch – Double check to make sure the power switch on the unit is flipped to the on position. There’s also a 240-volt disconnect on the compressor, so take a look and see if this is turned on as well.
  3. Thermostat Check – Turn off the power to your cooling system and then remove the front cover of the thermostat. Pull the body of the thermostat straight out to reveal the batteries. Replace these batteries, followed by reinstalling the rest of the thermostat. Turn the power on, wait five minutes, and give it another go!
  4. Quality Capacitor – The compressor’s capacitor helps start both the condenser and the fan. If this piece is broken or malfunctioning, the central air won’t run at all. If it’s not working, have this piece replaced.
  5. Failure to Maintain – Are you having your central air system serviced annually? If you’ve been avoiding annual services and are failing to provide it with any routine maintenance, multiple parts can become worn out and broken. Contact your local HVAC technician to service your central air system and make all of the appropriate repairs.

One of the worst feelings to experience is having your central air system not working on an unusually hot summer’s day. When your central air system needs to be serviced or repaired, contact Airtech of Stamford. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 323-3959.

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