Ways to Protect Your Pets When It’s Cold

The winter months are a tough time to be a pet owner. Between walking the dog outside and letting the cat out, the cold temperatures can seriously affect your pets. In order to protect your pets from the bitter cold, here’s what you can do.

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No Outside
When the temperatures are nearing the freezing point, no animal should ever be left outside. Avoid tying up your dog on the back porch or letting your cat outside to roam free for a few hours. Even if your pets love the outdoors, wait until the weather warms up to let them get some fresh air. However, by all means, take your pet for a walk each day, just make sure it’s not for too long.

Outside Dangers
Let’s say you take your dog out for its daily walk — sure, no problem. Just be aware that the wind can significantly decrease temperatures past the freezing point. This can harm dogs and cats since they have nothing to protect their bare noses and paws. For smaller dogs or ones without a lot of fur, consider placing them inside of a doggie sweater or jacket. Make sure you also wipe their paws off before they enter the house because road salt can cause harm to their skin.

A Warm, Cozy Home
A lot of homeowners will lower their thermostat when they leave their home for the day. Avoid doing this if you leave your pets home alone. You’ll save money, but you can put your pet’s health at risk. You can lower the thermostat a few degrees thanks to their fur, but anything past that can put your pets’ health at risk.

If you wouldn’t keep yourself or your family in the freezing cold, why would you do the same to your pet? When you need to keep your HVAC system running efficiently to keep your family and pets comfortable, contact Airtech of Stamford. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 323-3959.

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