How to Keep Guests Cool at Your Labor Day Party

Labor Day weekend is here! The final sendoff of summer before the kiddies head back to school and the weather starts to get cooler. For now, let’s focus on that awesome Labor Day party you’re throwing — and how you can keep your guests cool.

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Set Up Drink Stations

A great way to keep your guests cool is to keep them hydrated with ice cold drinks! Set up a drink station with water, flavored water, and your favorite juices or iced teas. It’s perfectly okay to have liquor and beer, just be sure to stay hydrated too. Don’t forget — keep each drink container stocked with ice!

Provide Lots of Shade

Being outside for a party is one thing, but standing in the sun for hours on end is another. Not only will you be sweating your tootsies off, you might end up with a bad sunburn too. Instead, set up an outdoor tent or canopy that covers at least half of the yard (umbrellas at each table works as well). This way you can give people the choice of sitting in the sun or the shade.

Keep the House Cool

When you have a party, there’s always going to be a line for the bathroom. The only good part about waiting on line is being able to cool down in a nice air conditioned house in the meantime. Therefore, you should keep the thermostat in the lower 70s. Normally you want to aim for the mid-70s, but having extra people in your home will cause the temperature to rise more easily.

With summer almost coming to a close, make sure your Labor Day party is fun — and cool. If your HVAC system breaks down during the holiday weekend, contact Airtech of Stamford. To learn more or to schedule a repair, contact (203) 323-3959.

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