How to Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Having a home with a forced-air HVAC system means you have one of the best types of cooling systems on the market. While the temperature might feel great on the inside of the house when it’s on, the outside of the house won’t look so great. If you’re sick of staring at your big AC unit while you sit on your patio, here’s a few great ways to hide it.

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Distract the Eyes
Most AC units are going to be located on the side of the house, which can easily be seen if you walk from the front yard to the backyard. For those who have a walkway leading from the front to the back of the property, consider creating a pathway to distract the eyes. Place a small fence on either side of the walkway, use stones to create a walkway path, and add a few small shrubs to keep your focus on the walkway.

Screened In
For those who aren’t willing to go above and beyond to hide their large AC unit, opt to screen it in. There are see-through fences and screens that are stylish and decorative made specifically for blocking off areas of your property. You can choose between a single screen or screens on multiple sides for greater effect. There are even some types of plants that can grow vertically up and down the screens.

Boxed In
Rather than just purchasing a decorative screen, you can also consider boxing in the AC unit. These boxes can be used to cover HVAC units, pool pumps, and anything else you’re looking to hide in your yard. Not only do these boxes do a great job of hiding whatever it is you’re trying to hide, they’re also well-ventilated to allow for the proper airflow.

Having a good quality and well-maintained HVAC system is important, but you don’t have to display it to the world if you don’t want to. When your HVAC system needs service, repair, or replacement, contact the pros at Airtech of Stamford. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 323-3959.

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