Heating and Cooling From The Ground Up: Geothermal Systems

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Since heating and cooling systems are necessary for total comfort in your home, it’s important to pick one that meets your expectations while also staying within your budget. In addition to your standard HVAC systems, geothermal systems are a great alternative that work to heat and cool your home by using energy that comes directly from the ground. And the best part is, your heating and cooling costs are likely to be reduced since you’re using a natural energy source! Thanks to HGTV Remodels, we’ve collected a few facts about geothermal systems that can help you make an educated decision when it comes to choosing a heating and cooling system:

  1. Geothermal systems are ground and water source heat pumps that move heat from one place to another.
  2. Home geothermal systems use the temperature of the ground to heat and cool your home.
  3. In the winter, the warmth from the ground is directed into a heat pump to warm the home, while in the summer the heat is removed from the home through the pumps.
  4. Starting roughly at $15,000, the majority of the cost is a result of needed to dig deep into the earth in order to install your system.
  5. Systems are available in open or closed loops. Open loop systems use water from an outside source for productivity, while closed loop systems keep water or antifreeze sealed within the system.

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At Airtech of Stamford, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers choose a heating and cooling system that best meets their needs. That’s why our technicians are fully educated in the HVAC field and are available to assist you in choosing a system that satisfies your preferences while also keeping your location and budget in mind. For information on how to have a geothermal system installed at your home, or for help with any heating or cooling problem, contact us at (203) 323-3959 and speak with one of our experts today!

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