Easy Ways to Reduce Springtime Allergens in Your Home

Are allergies currently making you feel miserable? Don’t suffer through the spring and early summer with a case of the sniffles, a sore throat, and a head that feels three times as heavy. If you want to reduce the amount of springtime allergens within your home, start with your HVAC system.

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Better Air Filters
The air filters within your HVAC system should be replaced on a monthly or bi-monthly basis (depending on the quality) so they can continue to filter the air being pumped into your home. In addition to replacing air filters on a routine basis, you might also need a higher quality air filter to remove more allergens from the air. Look to purchase air filters with a MERV rating of eight or higher.

Inspect for Mold
Moisture exists within ductwork and air vents, especially if your system has air leaks throughout. During the summer, condensation will build up on the metallic surfaces of your ductwork, eventually promoting the growth of mold. Having mold in your air ducts can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. If you’re already suffering from allergies, having mold will only aggravate those symptoms further.

Annual Service
Allergy season begins in the spring, which is perfect because this is the time of year where you should be having your annual HVAC service. Scheduling this preventative maintenance will help improve the efficiency of your system, thus reducing indoor allergens within your home. If you feel the symptoms of your allergies the same time year after year, schedule your annual service at least a week before. If you haven’t serviced your HVAC system yet this spring — what are you waiting for?

Allergies and spring go hand in hand, but the symptoms don’t have to be as bad if you do a few select things to your HVAC system. When your HVAC system needs service or repair, contact Airtech of Stamford. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 323-3959.

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