Why Go Ductless?

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Ductless air conditioning

Have you had the same old air conditioner in your windows for years? What about a central air system that has been in your home since you first moved in? If either of the two hold true for you, it may be time to switch over to ductless air conditioning. Why? Ductless air conditioners are affordable, more efficient and often even easier to uphold! But if these benefits alone aren’t enough to convince you, here are a few more for you to consider:

  1. Installation is relatively simple: Unlike central air conditioning, which could take at least a week to completely install, a ductless mini-split system could be installed in as little as one day! That means minimized disruptions and even potentially less mess. For more information about the installation process used by the technicians at Airtech of Stamford, be sure to give us a call.
  2. Space isn’t a concern: Since ductless systems require no duct work and therefore are pretty compact in size, they are great for small spaces. And even if space isn’t an issue, their small design helps them to not be an eyesore both inside the home and out. 
  3. Noise is reduced: While traditional air conditioners can be noisy, most ductless systems are very quiet. In fact, the loudest noise they make is a quiet hum. And being that the noise they produce is so quiet, it can easily be over ruled by the sound of your television or even just your voice!
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Now that you know some of the benefits of a ductless air conditioning system, are you ready to make the switch? To find out more about their advantages or to schedule an appointment for your free consultation, give us a call at (203) 323-3959 or visit us on our website. We are a team of air conditioning experts and are ready to help you with all of your cooling needs! 

Benefits of Ductless A/C Systems

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If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner to keep you cool this summer, it’s important to consider all the possibilities before making a purchase. Aside from your standard cooling unit, ductless air conditioners have grown in popularity, providing a new way for property owners to cool their space. Essentially, ductless air conditioners are made just how they sound – with no duct work. Check out these benefits of ductless air conditioners to help you decide which kind of cooling system you’ll invest in next:

Energy Efficient: Since these units don’t use ducts, there is no place for air to be lost. Ultimately, the only place the air has to go is out of the unit and into the room, instead of traveling through ducts first. In addition to reducing the amount of energy lost and used, these systems also prove to be beneficial for your cooling bill, since they come with multiple thermostats allowing you to adjust where and for how long it is in use.

Safe: When compared to typical window or wall air conditioners, ductless systems are often considered to be safer. This is because they don’t use combustible fuels and don’t really require any ventilation.

Space Saver: Unlike bulky units, ductless systems are designed in a way that they can be suspended from ceilings or hung from the top of the walls. This means you’ll no longer lose your window space for the summer!

Quiet: Say goodbye to noisy air conditioners that keep you cool but also keep you up at night. Installation of ductless air conditioners means that compressors and condensers are now located outside the unit, keeping it quiet indoors.

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Are you ready to make the switch to ductless units? Here at Airtech of Stamford, we are available to install ductless systems to both the commercial and residential sectors. With over 50 years of experience, we understand the importance of being comfortable in your home or commercial building, which is why we offer services that can help! For more information on ductless A/Cs or to have one installed, contact us at (203) 323-3959 and speak with a representative today!