3 Air Conditioning Mistake to Avoid Making

Now that summer is here to stay, you’ll be feeling nothing but heat from the big, bright sun from now on. Thankfully, with the flip of a switch (or press of a button), you’ll have access to cool air wherever and whenever you’d like. Unfortunately, you might be making a few big time mistakes when it comes to your cooling system (and they should be corrected as soon as possible).

thermostat on cooling system

Mistake #1: Incorrect Thermostat Usage

Many homeowners will make the mistake of setting the thermostat to a ridiculously cold temperature to cool their home down at a faster rate. The truth is, your home won’t cool down faster. If one cooling system is set to 68 degrees and the other is set to 74 degrees, they will both reach 74 degrees at the same time. Setting the thermostat to a lower temperature and then raising it back up will waste energy (your money) and place extra wear and tear on your system.

Mistake #2: Running the System For Too Long

Cooling systems are designed to last for at least a decade as long as regular maintenance is performed. However, the lifespan of your unit will decrease as it accumulates additional wear and tear. Allowing the cooling system to run for too long without giving it a break here and there will make it more prone to breaking down. Instead, give it a break for a few hours each day — preferably in the evenings when temperatures are at their lowest.

Mistake #3: Skipping Maintenance & Repairs

All cooling systems need annual maintenance to make sure they are good to go for the upcoming warm weather months. This maintenance should be done in spring, but if you haven’t had yours serviced this year — what are you waiting for!? The last thing you want is for your HVAC system to break down during a heat wave due to a faulty part that could’ve been repaired or replaced during this service. The more love you show to your cooling system, the more love it will show back to you!

Using an air conditioner is extremely simple, however, there are big time mistakes you can make without even realizing it. When your HVAC system needs repair or replacement, contact Airtech of Stamford. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (203) 323-3959.

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